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Wow, I’ve made it to J in the A-Z Challenge. I have a lot of memories from Jerome Avenue, most good, some not. My parents and I lived on 167th Street and Jerome from the time I was about two until we moved to Davidson Avenue and 183rd Street when I was 13. It’s only a block up from Jerome.

A to Z Challenge

Jump Around!

I was an introverted kid (shy, too). People think the two go hand in hand, but that’s not necessarily so.

I read a lot. I got my first library card in first grade. The High Bridge branch of the New York Public Library was across the street from Sacred Heart school. Sweet.


NY Public Library-High Bridge Post Renovation

I felt like a grown-up when my mom started letting me walk to the library myself at six. I’d go every other Saturday and come back with every story book I could carry. It never occurred to me that my mom’s friends were watching me, either out their windows or the front stoop of their building. They’d ask where I was going; how my mom was. I thought they just liked hanging out of their windows and stoops.

Nope. Mom told me years later she called them when I left and to be on the lookout. Most had front facing windows; the ones that didn’t would ‘bump’ into me, supposedly going to the Bodega for whatever and walk me part way. Yeah, my mom was a keeper.  🙂

I have tons of stories I can tell and I wrote a note to myself to save them for future posts. The challenge does have limits.

Did you know these people were born in the Bronx?

  1. Joel, Billy – Singer, Songwriter
  2. Jordan, Will – Character actor, Comedian
  3. Jackson, J.J. – Radio and Television Personality (1941-2004)

I didn’t find too many J’s, but Billy Joel is a WHOPPER! I love Billy Joel. Anyone else like his music? Remember J.J. Jackson from MTV? Planning anything special for the weekend?





29 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – JEROME AVENUE

  1. Ah, the good old days when we could roam around our neighborhoods at age 6 unaccompanied by adults and without fear. Lovely stories from your past. Have you written your personal history?

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  2. I love Billy Joel! He was my pop hero when I was a young teenager. (Bono of U2 kind of bumped him out later, though.) Yes, I remember JJ Jackson, too.

    I think it’s super cool the way your mom handled your conflicting needs for both safety and independence. And cool that you lived in a neighborhood that made her solution possible.


    • Thanks, wildwoman! My mom was awesome. U2 was cool. I wound up all over the place in the ’80’s… Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, Poison, and my beloved salsa, merengue, and rap. Lol. Thanks so much for visiting. Sorry I’m late in commenting; I’m playing catch-up. Hugs. Eva


  3. So great of your mom to allow you to feel independent and also look out for you at the same time! That’s the mark of a good mother. I adore Billy Joel! I think every thing about him screams “Bronx”, but in a way that represents it well. I love when famous or successful people remain true to their roots. As a Texan, I’m all about the roots. Loved Joel’s work in the animated Disney movie “Oscar & Company.”
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    with the A to Z Challenge


    • Thanks, Barbara! Even though B.J. was born in the Bronx, I’ll always consider him a Long Island boy. 🙂 Sorry it’s taken me a while to comment back, but I’ve fallen behind a bit. I thought I’d do blog visits first. I’m so glad you came to visit! Hugs. Eva


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