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Express Yourself-A-Z Challenge

Hello there fellow bloggers! Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. Although I’m a bit inconsistent, I’m putting for the Express Yourself Meme, hosted by the wonderful blogging duo of Dani Bertrand and Jackie Felger.Express-yourself-logo-sidebar

The topic for the week of May 26-30 is which A-Z Challenge post or blogger did you really enjoy this year?

This could be interesting; so many choices depending on the day!  I visited so many bloggers for the Challenge this year (first time I ever visited), hopefully next year I can take part. There are way too many to list, so I am only going to list three. I really enjoyed (in no particular order): posts by A Writer Inspired – who did 30 Days of Writes, Alex J. Cavanaugh – who did Retro themed posts, and Melissa Janda – who did Writing and Writing Advice posts.

I’m looking forward to June’s list–I got it 50% for May, I’m going to aim for at least 75%, if not 100% for June.












































































































































































































































































































































































6 thoughts on “Express Yourself-A-Z Challenge

  1. I also loved Alex’s retro themed blogs but I frequently found myself saying things like – “What? That movie couldn’t have come out ten years ago? Three or four at most.”


    • LOL, I know what you mean! I couldn’t believe half the stuff I read. I felt so old for most of April. 😀 Sigh… Thanks so much for the visit. I sure needed it.


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