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Nuts Anyone?

“Listen up people,” Melinda said as everyone stood at the edge of the forest. “On Halloween, every year since he’s died, Chuckey’s soul finds his way back to this old cabin in these woods, before being dragged back to the Underworld, so stay close.”

“You mean the Chuckey killed by that pack of rabid mask wearing squirrels?” Tabby asked with a disbelieving look on her face.

“The one and only,” Mel replied, flicking dust off the front of her shirt.

Tabby replied, with a slow shake of her head. “I wonder what he does when his soul comes back…I know his best friend Ivana has wanted him to be at rest.”

Melinda nodded, “I have it from a very good source that Ivana went to some witch for help recently. Lowering her voice to just above a whisper, she added, “This witch lady concocted a magical potion for Ivana to drink that will send for Cerberus from the Gates of the Underworld.” An evil smile appeared. “The thing is, I have the potion now, and I have every intention of calling upon Cerberus. I will enslave him and make him my servant.”

“OK,” Tabby said, suddenly afraid, turning to the other three in the group, “Um, you got that? Stay quiet, hidden and I guess, listen to Melinda. “

Everyone followed Melinda through the forest, holding hands through the fog, down the path towards the cabin. Aside from the occasional crunch of leaves underfoot, not a sound was heard. Once they reached the cabin, Melinda pulled out the vial of ruby-red liquid and drank. She fell to her knees and uttered inaudible words as the others looked around in fear. They saw nothing, until all of a sudden, a thunderous flash from the ground erupted and before them stood. . .



“Owww! That hurt!” Melinda yelled, rubbing the top of her head while staring down at the ground in front of her. A large acorn.

Thwack! Another acorn to the middle of Melinda’s chest.

“Stop that! Who are you?! You’re not Cerberus! I didn’t summon you!” Melinda spat out the last words.

“Guess again. iiiit’s Chuckeeeey!!” he said, triumphantly throwing another acorn in Melinda’s direction. “You should reconsider whose items you’re going to steal. Ivana picked a wretched example of a witch. She couldn’t spell cast her way out of a paper bag. I know you were expecting Cerberus, but he’s occupied at the moment. Hades granted special approval for this extended trip. He found it amusing that you thought yourself powerful enough to enslave his faithful hound. You’re mine for the next three years.”

Thwack! One to the back.

“Later, Slave master!” yelled Tabby, as her and the others fell into fits of laughter seeing the spectacle before them.  Melinda ran as fast as her legs would carry her from the forest with Chuckey and his never-ending sack of acorns close behind.

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