A-Z Challenge -Z is for ZOO!


The Bronx Zoo

I’m doing my final post for the A-Z Challenge about the Bronx Zoo. I’m sure a few of you already guessed that one. 🙂 I’ve been to the zoo a few times in my life. My parents took me when I was young, I’d go on occasion when cutting class with friends senior year of high school. Both the Gardens and the Zoo were walking distance from Dodge. How could we not? Phfft.

A to Z Challenge

Jump Around and Make Friends!

I know, I know.  On a rare occasion, especially in the spring, we’d splurge and pay for the Zoo. Like the idiots we were, we loved mimicking the gorillas (or was it orangutans?), making all sorts of faces, and truthfully, I think they were more mature than we were. They just looked at us half the time, heads cocked. Ah, well.

My favorite has always been and will probably always be, the big kitties. I love them all. There’s something so regal and elegant about them.

Once I had Mandy, I took her there a couple of times with various friends and their children. One thing Mandy and I both share is our problem with creepy crawlers. I always stayed away from was anything that had to do with bugs. She did too. Like mother, like daughter.



Did you know that the following people were born in the Bronx?

  1. Zito, Chuck – Actor
  2. Zeoli, Nicole – Actress
  3. Zimet, Julian – Writer, Screenwriter

How do you feel now that the challenge is over? Are you going to embark on a road trip to visit this year’s participants?