Hey there bloggers! It seems that I’ve been a blogfest-aholic lately. I can’t seem to get enough. When I saw the badge: Blood, Boobs & Carnage Blogfest, I knew I had to join. It’s the brainchild of Heather Gardner and Alex J. Cavanaugh.


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I was never into movies that included massive amounts of blood, boobs, or carnage. When Hostel came out, everyone I knew kept saying it was so gross, but realistic gross, that I had to see it.

I don’t know what I was thinking… Oh yeah, I do. I was a few years into my EMS career already and figured I could ‘analyze’ the film and put myself into a few ‘what if’ scenarios. Uh, not so much.


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I thought I’d seen it all during my career: shootings, stabbings, evisceration, and severed limbs. I remember watching helplessly as a young man burned alive in his vehicle while police officers futilely tried to gain access until the fire department arrived. This happened only a few months after 9/11, so there was a brief investigation involved until the cause was finally determined. Sad, really.

Anyway, this movie made most of my bad calls look like a walk in the park. I watched most of it through my fingers; I’m not even kidding. I was so horrified by what I saw, it almost made me sick. But I liked the movie overall. Go figure. It must’ve been because one of the victims got ‘justice’ in the end.

I’m sure there were boobages galore, but the gore is all too vivid for me to remember those parts.

Have you seen any of the Hostel movies? Do you believe these ‘Elite Hunters’ exist in life? I’m curious to know your opinion.

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A-Z Challenge – F is for a FEW THINGS

Hey everyone! Up to letter F of the A-Z Challenge. Did you know Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus is in the Bronx? It is, and it’s gorgeous. Click on its name to learn more.   FrdUFntAnywho, Fordham’s Bronx campus is 85 acres and boasts Gothic architecture and tree-lined walkways. I remember going to summer camp here during my freshman year of high school. Loved. It! They’re also across the street from the Botanical Garden.

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Had I made better decisions in my youth, this could’ve been a college worth attending. I went from being in the top five of my high school class my first three years, to graduating in the middle. Why? I decided half of what I was learning wouldn’t apply to me in the ‘real world’, so I succumbed to peer pressure; I cut classes senior year and took an academic beating.

Has anyone ever watched the movie Fort Apache, The Bronx (1981)? It starred Edward Asner, Paul Newman, and Ken Wahl. It was loosely based on the 41st Precinct in the South Bronx back in the 60’s-80’s.

It was  a controversial film because most Blacks and Hispanics were portrayed as drug dealers, criminals, and/or prostitutes.

Community activists protested during filming and the producers changed locations several times within the Bronx to avoid problems.
Thanks to Video Detective at YouTube for use of the trailer.


I actually met Mr. Newman when they filmed a scene on University Avenue and Fordham Road. I was about 15 years old. He was a friendly man and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Why’s his face so red?’ Leave it to me, right. Don’t recall the conversation, but I know Mom was upset she was home and not with me. She was a fan of his. 🙂

Did you know that the following people were born in the Bronx?

  1. Frehley, Ace – Musician, Singer
  2. Fisher, Guy – Organized Crime, Drug Dealer
  3. Fredericks, Ellsworth – Cinematographer (Invasion of the Body Snatchers)
  4. Funkmaster Flex – Rapper, Musician, Music Producer
  5. Frisch, Frank – Baseball Player (1898-1973)

Have you met and chatted with any superstars? Did they disappoint? Any famous (or infamous) people come from your neck of the woods? Do tell…