Express Yourself – My Halloween Costume as a Kid

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I’m publishing the last post for October since next week will be Spooktoberfest 2014, which I haven’t decided if I’m going to take part in yet.

Jackie Felger from Bouquet of Books and Dani Bertrand from Entertaining Interests founded this great blog hop that has a great group of people with weekly topics that change every month. They also have a site they co-author together:  Cover Girls.

This week’s topic is:

October 20-24, 2014

What’s a Halloween costume you wore as a child?

I wore a few. No matter what costume it was though, it always had the plastic face with cutout eyes and mouth, and cheaply made outfits to match (usually some sort of plastic too that tied around my clothes). 🙂

I remember being a fairy princess one year. Though we were poor, this one particular year my mom bought a little extra to go with my costume. I walked around thinking I was really a princess. 🙂 I had a glittery ‘magic wand’ with all kinds of colorful ribbons hanging off it. My mom also bought me pink plastic shoes with a ‘heel’ so I could feel all grown up. I must’ve been all of five or six. Yup, I was living large that particular Halloween; I made out pretty good in the candy department too, if I recall correctly. 🙂

What about you guys?