A Lesson on Friendship – ISWG

This is my second posting for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. **This awesome group is brought to us by the amazing Alex Cavanaugh and if you are interested in joining, please click on the image below. You will be transported to our Ninja’s site, where you can sign up. We post the first Wednesday of every month. **

I am going to focus this post on my opinion about the subject of friendship and it’s importance to us as writers and as people.


People have many ideas on the meaning of what friendship really means. I look at my old Facebook account, which I rarely use, and notice how people love to post quotes and comments about friends, “fake friends” and things like that. It’s very easy for people to say that people can be there for you during good times but disappear when times are hard; thereby meaning they were never “my friend”. I disagree with that statement. In my earlier field, EMS personnel worked closely together, whether we were friends or not. We were acquainted on many levels and had understandings of traumas and issues that many lay people couldn’t fathom. We could talk to each other about things that we couldn’t talk to anyone outside the field comfortably about. It didn’t necessarily make us friends. We were a community of like-minded people who shared similar interests and understood each others turmoil, fears and insecurities.

When I was in the hospital , many colleagues that I never socialized outside of work, came to see in the ICU or at the Rehabilitation Center afterwards. It was comforting and sweet and I felt truly blessed. It’s what happens when turmoil strikes a community. Everyone bands together and does what they need to do to get through things and be there for each other.

True friendship, however, is like any other relationship. It takes work. It’s about honesty and trust. It’s about being yourself and being able to lay out your secrets without fear of being leaked to others. It’s about knowing when to draw certain lines and knowing what lines not to cross.

I don’t have many true friends; and that is by choice. I treasure the ones I do have because they know I would not betray them for selfish reasons and their secrets will always be safe with me.  I have been lucky enough to find an online friend that I have been slowly opening up to and find myself grateful for that. Friendships come to us in many ways.

Just like my EMS family, I turn to my writer friends when I have an issue that I need a hand with. This is yet another reason I am so thankful for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.