A-Z Challenge – XOXO

Three days left in the A-Z Challenge. For X, I had nada, nothing, zilch, zip, so I decided to go with XOXO, which are just a few cheesy characters that symbolize hugs and kisses. 🙂

A to Z Challenge!

Hop Around, Make Friends!

I’m going to take this opportunity to thank some very special people who stood behind me throughout this challenge by giving them a slobbering mess of hugs and kisses. Best of all, I’ll include a link to their sites for all who happen to visit! 😀


Courtesy: Morguefile.com

They’re a wonderfully diversified group I now call friends. Many are writers and authors, but some are artists, photographers, culinary enthusiasts, activists, or general bloggers who like to write about life.

You would be missing a great opportunity to interact with some wonderful people, should you ignore the links. I’m just sayin’…   😀

Please note that this list is in no particular order. I’m listing them as they come to me:

My Faithful Cheerleading Crew: Father Dragon, Lisa Buie-Collard, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Elizabeth Seckman, Melissa Maygrove, David Powers KingMark Koopmans, Jo Wake, Morgan Shamy

The Most Awesome-est visitors/commenters this month: Alex, Jo,  Charles Yallowitz (who had my favorite idea for X; if I only had enough brain power left to do it), Chrysfey, Paula at Mpls Transplant, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, and V at When the Door Closes.

Most of you continued to visit and comment even when I briefly fell behind in both posting, visiting, and commenting back. I know I’ll be responding and returning visits well into May. You’ve all kept me going, though!! That leaves me truly humbled and utterly grateful. I would’ve heartbroken if I didn’t finish this challenge.

To EVERYONE who visited me during this month’s challenge, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I promise I will be by your site as soon as I possibly can.

I have to give a special Thank You to my daughter, Mandy, who started keeping track of letters for me and became notorious for telling me: “Mami, are you behind a letter again in the A to Z? I can’t find it.” She’s another one who kept me on my toes.

Is there anyone who helped you get through this challenge? How do you feel now that it’s almost over?