… ‘in my Father’s House there are many Mentions’ … THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION… (#TBSU)…

My buddy Seumas’ point here is, you scratch my blog and I’ll scratch yours. Scratch away love… Oh yeah, right there. No, down a little – wait, over to the left just a smidge…. Ahhh. Right there…

Seumas Gallacher

… as the days move into weeks and the weeks roll up into months, the growth of mutual friends on the Web is exponential… many of the later-joiners-up with this ol’ Jurassic’s blog seem perplexed by the hashtag, ‘#TBSU’... it is made up of the four initials of the WURDS, ‘THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION’... the concept is even simpler than my brain…  ‘…you scratch my blog and I’ll scratch your blog…’  …pals get pals get pals…. good old reciprocation at its finest… in practical terms, here’s how it WURKS for me… I keep a note pad by my trusty laptop… (no, Mabel… not because I think the laptop might conk out…)… and daily I scribble down the twitter handle and blog site connections of friends who happen to be of interest… these include emb’dy who’s kind enuff to mention me in any of…

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Grab This While You Can!

I promised myself at the beginning of this year that I would read as many genres as I could. I’ve really started getting into fantasy. I’ve never really been into the genre before this year. To date, I’ve read about four or five different novels. One of my favorites is Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero, Book 1 by Charles Yallowitz. I bought it on Amazon for my Kindle about a month ago and fell in love with the storyline and Charles’ writing style. His rich and in-depth descriptions of the characters and environment had me feeling as if I were there with Luke and his friends.(Note to Melissa: Me love Fizzle too!) I loved every minute of this story. The reason I bring this up is because Legends is ON SALE now through Amazon for .99 and you should grab it while you can! I don’t know how long it will be on sale, so OMG, don’t dilly dally forever!  🙂 It was worth every penny I paid for it and then some… I’m oh so patiently waiting for the next in the series.

legends-of-windemereJust click on his cover to be transported over to the book page.  What better time to help a fellow writer/author/blogger out?

Until next time!


It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Good morning my fellow bloggers. I hope everyone is chipper and well this fine day. I haven’t posted in about a week; which is not too bad for me. I’ve gone off the radar for three weeks at the very beginning of my blog!  But I made a commitment to myself that I would do whatever it takes to follow my dreams, no matter what it takes; and that is what I am doing.

I remember mentioning in one of my very first posts that I may, at times, go off my path and talk about other things besides my dreams of writing. Today is going to be one of those days. The past few days have been extremely brutal for me in several ways. My pain scale has been through the roof, my energy has been nil and I spent the better part of the past two days crying a river of tears. My pain management barely managed. However, not once did I ask myself, “Why me?” I never forget that I am one of the lucky ones.

Since I don’t get out very much, being that I can’t drive anymore YET, I spend quiet time on the deck with my lhasa apso Sophie and speak to friends who still live in NJ. Other than that, I rely on the friends I’ve been blessed with here in the cyberworld to help me through my days. Many of you don’t even realize the impact you have on my life, truly. You inspire and motivate me; some of you calm me when I don’t know what I’m doing…you guys know who you are 😉 . I feel like I’m part of a small town community that really cares about me. I, in turn, care about you all as well. I never thought of all this when I first started this blog.

The fact that I haven’t blogged in about a week gets to me. The fact that I haven’t even had a tweet conversation or done any real writing for a few days bothers me even more. The only thing I don’t forget to do is thank any new followers I get on Twitter because it’s just the right thing to do.

As always, I will continue to research sites, books, blogs and articles that may be of interest to my fellow fledgling writers and post them on upcoming blogs. I am currently working on another page for this blog for resources but it is still in my drafts. I am still working things out with WordPress.

Today, I am feeling quite a bit better, and will be writing away throughout the day, thrown in with a healthy dose of tweeting. What I look forward to most of all, is finishing the novel I started two nights ago, LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE: BEGINNING OF A HERO by Charles E Yallowitz.

That would be the perfect end to what I hope will be a remarkably productive day.

Until next time…


My thoughts for the day; Yes, I do have them occasionally…

As busy as I’ve been lately, trying to keep all my physical therapy, doctors appointments, trying to keep up my new blog, Twitter (my beloved Tweeps) and of course, my own writing; I’ve found something else that brings me an amazing amount of joy and happiness: PROMOTING FELLOW WRITERS’ WORKS.

It’s becoming almost an addiction for me. I know my WIP may take a bit because of the amount of time it takes to get my thoughts, ideas and characters out of my head and into the computer. Hopefully that issue will resolve itself sooner rather than later.

My point is, I’ve noticed a lot of writers and authors help promote other peoples’ work, but I’ve also noticed some who only post about me, me, and me. For this little blog of mine, which means the world to me, I’ve received a ton of advice and inspiration and good wishes. I can only imagine the help I would receive when I finish my WIP. It’s all about paying it forward.

On that note, I have to tell you, I follow Seumas Gallacher on Twitter, his handle is @seumasgallacher. I just read his new eBook “The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing”. It was hysterical. No wonder he made Blogger of the Year. I would highly recommend that you check out his blog right here on WP or follow him on Twitter. You can download his eBook on Amazon. You’ll find my review there also. You won’t regret it.

So my dear fellow bloggers, I am going to try and get some writing done, before I buy another of Seumas’ books “Vengeance Wears Black”, otherwise I might not get any writing done for another night.

I’ll try and post tomorrow as well. Wishing you all a safe and blessed night and I haven’t forgotten to keep searching for my eBooks and blogs to assist new writers!