IWSG-I Believed, and I Achieved-NaNoWriMo Winner-2013


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I cannot believe this is my first post in almost a month, and it happens to be the first Wednesday of the month, which also means… (Drum roll please… It is time for another post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, founded by the über awesome Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh! The Ninja’s Associates for this month’s meeting are: Julie Flanders, Heather Gardner, Kim Van Sickler and Elsie is Writing. Thank you so much for assisting Alex this month! Everyone appreciates and acknowledges your time and efforts!

For those of you who are not familiar with the IWSG, it is a safe haven where writers of all levels and experience can go to discuss and post their innermost thoughts and fears without fear of embarrassment, mockery and other such tomfoolery. We are here to motivate and encourage you, not to belittle you, make you feel inadequate or weak. If you would like to become a part of this amazing group of writers, please, please, please, I encourage you, to click on the image posted beside these words and we will transport you to the IWSG website, where you can sign up.

With that being said, I must apologize to one and all for my absence these past few weeks from my blog. I thought I would be able to squeeze a few short posts in between working NaNoWriMo, but during the first week of November, I also found a place to live, so I had to pack! Anyhoo, I do apologize and will catch up at some point this month, between the move.

The bigger news is: I GOT MY WINNER BADGE ON NANOWRIMO! I know you can’t see it, but you can try to visualize me doing some crooked jumping jacks and yelling HUZZAHHH! across the room! 🙂

I validated my novel at 50,091 words, and although it is not done yet, I have a good idea of where I am heading with it and after I let it rest for a couple of weeks, I will go back and rip it apart with the editing and revisions. Realistically, I will probably only use about one-third of what I actually wrote. Ah, well, at least I have some good characters.

I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to give up during the month because I kept falling behind in my word count, at one point I was behind almost 12,000 words. Of course, we all need to motivate ourselves to keep writing and doing what we need to do, because it is work, hard work, but do you ever feel that if it were not for the push of some very special people, you would not have been able to accomplish that one very important thing you did not think you could do on your own? I know I do. For helping me get through and winning NaNoWriMo and NEVER letting me give up, thank you goes out to:

My best friend in the cyber-world, Marilyn, http://onbecomingawriter.com,

and my fellow NaNo participants and mutual winners!! Huzzahhh!!

Melissa Janda at http://melissajanda.wordpress.com, Leanne Ross at http://readfaced.wordpress.com and Catherine Lumb at http://nowrittenwords.wordpress.com or http://www.catlumb.com. Without you, I would have been a mess, and for everyone else whose blog I visited and gave boatloads of useful advice, I thank you too! That is all I have for this month’s post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. I am going to finish my Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Coffee now, visit a few blogs, enjoy a good read, sleep, finish cleaning out my cottage tomorrow, and start catching up on some posts already!

PS – Have I told you all lately how very much I have missed you this past month? Oh my God, it has been torture! Until next post, I love you guys.

Well, I’m back. Sorry I’ve been off the radar for a while.

It’s been a long and arduous month for me, I must say. Thanks for all your patience, for those who follow me. Hopefully I haven’t lost anyone in the month that I’ve been away. Unfortunately, in my NaNoWriMo endeavor. I fell short on my word count, but I will be better prepared for November! I will not give up. I am more motivated now then ever. I am determined to overcome any and all obstacles that could potentially stand in my way.

In my excitement to build a “presence” in the web world, it never really occurred to me how much time and effort needs to be invested in such an undertaking. I will be focusing more on my blog, and increasing my presence in the twitterverse and facebook, and of course, my writing.

In addition to trying to get my number counts up on my first draft, I’ve also been working on the development of my characters and settings. That has entailed a lot of reading and research on my part.

I’m also very happy to report that my physical therapy has been working very well. My frozen shoulder is defrosting a bit, which should make my typing a bit easier. 🙂 I’m very lucky to have received a great deal of support from my close friends an family, but my online peeps as well, and for that, I am truly grateful.

On my next post, I will list some of the resources I used to help me research my character development, creating active settings, blogging, and surviving in the Twitter world for all new bloggers wanting to make their voices heard.

Hopefully I will post this on Saturday. See you then.

I’m Still Here Guys!!!

Image Well, I know it has been quite some time since I’ve posted a blog, and I have to say, I’ve missed you all so much. No, really, I truly mean that. I have been spending every spare moment I’ve had, which haven’t been many, trying to finish Book 1 of my Series, but it seems that I may come in short of my goal. Although, I have to say, for all intents and purposes, I think I’ve been doing amazingly well.

The change in the weather has been causing my frozen shoulder and rotator cuff to start acting up again. Physical therapy tries, but brings little relief. I type as much as I can in between and go so far as to jot down bits of ideas as they come to me, hoping that I’ll have a good enough day to actually type them down on paper. I will admit, though, when I do sit down in front of the computer and get into my story, my focus is much better than usual. 🙂

I may have gotten a bit of a late start in April’s and I may come a bit short in my number count, but I’m not worried. I’m still going to give it my all until the end of the month, and be happy with whatever I’ve done. After that, I’ll be looking forward to my do-over in November!