Hello, all. For most of today, I thought it was Tuesday, but it’s actually the first Wednesday of the month and we know what that means:

IWSG-badgeIt’s time for another meeting of the Insecure Writers Support Group – #IWSG.

My hero, the amazing Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh founded this group and it has become a safe haven if you are an insecure writer.

Click the image if you would like to be a part of the #IWSG family. You won’t regret it.

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak.


The awesome co-hosts for the April 5 posting of the IWSG will be Christopher D. Votey, Madeline Mora-Summonte, Fundy Blue, and Chrys Fey!


Please take a moment to thank them for their hard work this month.


To be honest, I haven’t been able to do much as far as writing. It seems that everything comes in spurts for me, the most recent being medical and therapy related. But I know some of it is due to writer’s block. I’ll stare at the screen trying to figure out what to write, but then my mind wanders to all the things going on in my life.


I keep a notebook by my bed because I’ve had some weird dreams and was hoping to write the ideas when I woke up, but they’re forgotten by then. But I know they were good. 


I’ve managed to get a lot of reading done and that keeps me from bouncing off the walls. Other than that, there hasn’t been much in the way of writing excitement. 😦


April 5 Question: Have you taken advantage of the annual A to Z Challenge in terms of marketing, networking, publicity for your book? What were the results? Unfortunately I’m not participating in this year’s A-Z Challenge and I don’t have a book (yet), so this doesn’t apply to me.

When life gets complicated and writing suffers, what do you do to ease some of the stress?




5 thoughts on “#IWSG – LIFE AND WRITER’S BLOCK

  1. I’ve found the best cure for screen staring is to just allow yourself to write some crap. Don’t plan for any of it to be a keeper, just get some words on the screen.

    I bounced around the net to read about the EMT killed in New York. Of course, I cried. How senseless. What a jerk. And her boys- so handsome. Such a sad story.


  2. Oh writer’s block. So difficult to overcome, and there is not one single advice that can apply to everyone. I have so many different things I do for it, and usually one works for me, but not always. Best of luck to you in overcoming your writer’s block.


  3. I listen to the sound of rain mp3 or relaxing music. I meditate. Deep breathing exercises and visualization.

    It took me a while to get the hang of these things, but I kept at it and it actually helps, also positive affirmation said to self, several times a day. Positive self-talk, no negative even if you feel that way, tell yourself positive thing until you feel and become it.

    This sounds simple, but it is some the hardest stuff I have ever done and daily struggle. The inner you feels better it starts to reflect outwardly too. I work at this because it is the only thing I have found that truly has brought me some ease mentally and given me back some of my writing and ability to laugh again despite health and handicaps. I read a lot of about so it increases my concentration and focuses keeping me aware because I read about it.

    In the end, the biggest thing is time brings change and stuff does get better if you can struggle through and survive the challenges life throw at us and learn a new way to look at the world in the face of disbelief, even your own.

    Hope stuff starts getting better really quick and you find the thing that gives you ease and release in the daily so you can write.

    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit


    • Thanks so much for that advice, Juneta. My roommate and I are actually getting more into meditation and Tai-Chi. I did meditation on my own for a while when I lived alone in PA and it did help some, although it was difficult getting all the ‘noise’ out of my head. Thanks for the visit and comment. You absolutely rock! Hugs, Eva


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