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We’re coming up on the home stretch of the A-Z Challenge. University Avenue was where I had my first apartment at 20. It was between Fordham and Kingsbridge Roads.

A to Z Challenge

Jump Around and Make Friends

I went through most of my new adult growing pains while living there. The man who got Mami’s apartment after we left Papi, got mine too. He was a Managing Agent by then. His name was Bill Whalen. I was the one who introduced them; he was my first mentor.

I met him when he opened a small recreational center in my neighborhood when I was about  15. He’d recently graduated law school and working as part of a local community action group. In addition to some of my teachers, Bill played a major role in steering me back in the right direction.

Good times were had at my new place. Visits from my parents, parties with friends, and Mandy spent her first five years in that apartment. That just jogged some funny memories. I had Mandy at 22. Don’t remember exactly where I worked, but during my third trimester, my daily meals were the same.

  • Breakfast: Coffee and English muffin with butter and jelly
  • Lunch: Coffee ice cream, Black Cherry soda, and Dipsy Doodles
  • Dinner: Hot roast beef with cheese, mayo, oil, vinegar, and oregano from the Blimpies on the corner of University Avenue and Fordham Road. After the first week and a half, they had my order down and knew what time to expect me. As soon as I  wobbled in, someone would start prepping it. 🙂

Three days before my due date I started having pain coming home from work. Didn’t worry much because it wasn’t very painful and didn’t last long. The intervals were far enough apart, it didn’t occur to me I was going into labor. So, of course, I stopped for my sandwich!

I got home, ate, no problem. Then the pain became more frequent and a helluva lot more painful. I called Mami, who lived about fifteen minutes away and she practically ran over. Did I ever mention what a punk I was when I was young? Zero pain tolerance. So, Mami came and I let her in. Contractions were about twenty minutes apart and I was between them.

I shed my clothes and went to shower. Mami freaked out, wanted to know what in the world I was doing. “I need to take a shower”, I told her. Her shocked face was priceless. Once it wore off, she told me off up, down, left, right, and wanted to know if I’d even called my hospital ride yet.

I was so stressed about having eaten that sandwich earlier and having to push later… I forgot. Finally called Mandy’s soon to be aunt who drove over with her soon to be paternal grandmother, and off we went. By the time we were on the highway, I was a such a mess that Mandy’s aunt missed the exit for the hospital. The rest of the story is pretty funny, but I’ve already gone past my intended word count. Ask and I’ll be happy to post it another day.

Did you know this person was born in the Bronx?

  1. Underdue, Rashawn – Actor, Writer, Personal Trainer

Anyone else have a funny or unusual labor story? Don’t let me be the only one! How did you feel in your first apartment?


12 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – UNIVERSITY AVENUE

  1. Your lunches weren’t very healthy lunches, lol. Your doctors must have shook their heads. Cute story though, made me smile thinking of my own labor story. I too took a shower, lol


    • No, he wasn’t happy at all. The final month he wanted me to watch what I ate. Once in a while I’d give up the English muffin. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who feels it’s only right to do the shower thing! Have a great day. I’ll be by. Eva


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