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Up to O in the A-Z Challenge! Orchard Beach  Orchwas one of my stomping grounds back in the day. It’s the only beach in the Bronx and part of Pelham Bay Park. I only entered the water early in the season.

The water’s reputation for having nasty things thrown in it was well known. A shame, really. Otherwise it would’ve been gorgeous. I don’t know if things have changed over the years, but I doubt it. There was a ‘special’ nickname for the beach in Spanish, but it’s too vulgar for me to repeat here.

A to Z Challenge

Jump Around and Make New Friends!

The beach is over a mile long and has snack shops, boardwalk vendors, basketball, volleyball, and handball courts. There’s also a Pavillion, promenade, and parking lot just for the beach.

I spent many summers days soaking up the sun, playing handball…(okay, TRYING to play handball), and enjoying the summer concerts and salsa fests it had.   bxsalsafestYes, I’m a huge fan of salsa music. 😀 Merengue, too. Preferably old school.

When we were done sometimes we’d head over to City Island for dinner. We were broke young adults, so when we did that it was a treat! 😀 Most times it was a cooler with sandwiches, sodas, beer (not for me, never acquired the taste), and chips. Loved those days!

Did you know the following people were born in the Bronx?

  1. Orbach, Jerry – Actor (1935-2004)
  2. Ortiz, Jr., Jose A. – Animator, Visual Effects
  3. Orman, Roscoe – Actor

Any fond beach memories from your younger years? What’s your favorite music genre? How’s your Friday going?




3 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – ORCHARD BEACH

  1. My Dad used to take me on the beach to walk in the sand to improve my balance and muscles. He’d let me swim if the waves weren’t too big. My Mom was a really good swimmer. She even taught my Dad how to do it! 🙂


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