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A-Z Challenge – MANDY’S NANA

It’s time for N in the A-Z Challenge and I’m gonna tell you the truth. I got nothin’. I probably could because the Bronx has so much. The truth is I wasn’t feeling 100% for a couple of days and started falling behind in my A-Z (meaning I wasn’t ahead like I was in the beginning). I also needed a me day on Tuesday, just because. Today I had two doctor appointments and am now writing my post.

A to Z Challenge

Jump Around – Meet New Friends!

I’m thinking of my mom now, writing this post. My daughter called her Nana. I’m using her now as my N.  🙂

Mami had several grandchildren from my brother, but only one from me. She wasn’t able to reconnect with them for years (no fault of her own), but was there from the time Mandy was born. She fell in love the moment she saw her.

Once in a while if I had plans, I’d drop her off at Mami’s when she was older (about 3-4). I’d spend a few minutes talking to her before leaving, but Mandy would walk inside and say to me, “Okay Mommy, I’m at Nana’s,” and close the door. How rude! Mami would open it laughing, and I’d stand there smirking. Mandy had her wrapped around her finger and would wait for me to leave so she could do what she wanted. Hand on her hip she’d say “Mommy, go now,” and try to shut the door again.

It annoyed Mandy during those young years that her Nana and I were so close. We talked about everything; not another human being will ever know as much about me as my mother did. One time we were laying on her bed, and I was resting my head on Mami’s lap while in deep conversation. Mandy decided she didn’t like what she saw and proceeded to pull my hair, yanking my head straight off her lap. Ouch!

PS – My daughter gave me permission to re-tell her Nana stories. I’m only telling these two because I thought they were cute. I told her whatever I post on the internet is forever, so be careful what you give permission for!

Did you know the following people were born in the Bronx?

  1. Nelson, Sean – Actor
  2. Nunziata, Nick – Producer
  3. North, Alan – Actor
  4. Nyro, Laura – Singer, Songwriter, Pianist (1947-1997)

Do you have any cute stories involving your children and a grandparent? Are you having trouble with any of your letters? How’s your Thursday going?






8 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – MANDY’S NANA

  1. Our sons are close in age so they did everything together.Brendan was a good big brother who watched over his baby brother. He liked to encourage his little brother to try new things. He was so proud when he helped his brother escape from his crib! He put a chair outside the crib and said, “Come on, Shane, you can do it.” Partners in crime they were. 🙂


  2. Nice post! I’m originally from Mexico and to this day I call my grandmother “mama” same as my mom. I don’t know how it started but i guess I always saw my grandmother as a second mother. I can relate to getting stuck on some letters… this challenge to me means be able to write everyday no matter how busy life gets, since I have many works on progress that i have issues finishing. I has been hard getting into the habit. Sometimes the letter of the day seems going nowhere and i feel behind, but is okay, N is for Not giving up! Thursday going well, long busy day and sleep now, hoping I can get some writing done tomorrow!


  3. Not a bad day Eva. Don’t have kids so no stories like that. All my letters are done and posted thank goodness. I am having enough trouble keeping up with other blogs. Hope the rest of the Challenge goes OK for you. Love you.


    • She adored her. I’d hug Mami and say she was MY Nana. Mandy would throw the only hissy fit, run over, yank my arms off her, and yell “NO! MY NANA!”. Mami loved every minute of it. 🙂 God I miss her, Ninja.


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