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A-Z Challenge – C is for a COUPLE THINGS

Hey everybody. It’s Day 3 of the A-Z Challenge and we’re up to letter C. I have a couple of things I want to post.

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First of all, there’s City Island, city-islandwhich was one of my favorite go to places for seafood after a day sunning and swimming. Me and my friends would go to the end of the island and order up fried shrimp, french fries, and soda. It was the cheapest spot in town! Sadly, don’t remember the name.

Then we have ย Co-op City, coopcityย a city enclosed within itself. Kinda. Click the link to read about it.

Anywho, I was a bridesmaid at my Comadre Julie’s wedding way, way back and the reception was held in one of the community rooms here. It was a night to remember. ย I caught the bouquet, after me and an older lady wrestled for it. The bouquet was a mess, flowers all over; it was in pieces, but victory was MINE! Comai still has the VHS video (cringing).

What!? I know what you’re thinking. I was 20-something. Didn’t know any better. Plus, I had a mean competitive streak. Never did marry though…and I’ve caught every bouquet thrown. I’m sure I made a lot of women happy when I retired! ๐Ÿ™‚


Sacred Heart RCC

Ah, Churches! I was Baptized, had my First Communion and Confirmation at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church (I also went to their parochial school 1st, 6th, and 7th grade-the years my parents could afford it).


St. Nicholas of Tolentine

Once I was an adult and living on my own, I attended St. Nicholas of Tolentine RCC which was right up the block from my very first apartment.


Did you know that the following famous people were also born in Da Bronx?

  1. Caan, James-Actor
  2. Carroll, Diahann-Actress
  3. Cohen, Scott-Actor
  4. Colรณn, Willie-Singer, Musician, Composer, Arranger, Activist
  5. Curtis, Tony-Actor
  6. Chayefsky, Paddy-Screenwriter, Playwright – *Ninja Captain, this might interest you. Mr. Chayefsky was the screenwriter for your A letter cult classic “Altered States”. He used his full name: Sidney Aaron Chayefsky. How ’bout dem apples?


Anything you’d like to know about my shenanigans when I was younger? Have questions on some of the people I’ve listed? Ask!

See you all tomorrow!






22 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – C is for a COUPLE THINGS

  1. I just saw James Caan in an episode of the new Hawaii Five-O! Loved Tony Curtis and Diahanne Carroll. The Coop City doesn’t sound like a place I’d like to live! Sinking an inch a year? Built on an old landfill? Sounds almost like a futuristic kind of spooky place. But the way they name the streets is cool. Wink! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know what you mean, but it was pretty amazing looking back then. Comai tells me there’s a mall there and everything now. I haven’t been there since the wedding and infamous bouquet battle. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Oh. My. Gawd! I had a mean competitive streak, but I wouldn’t even stoop that low. And to add insult to injury, someone steals the bouquet too? Was it the one who punched you in the face? If it was, you should’ve beat her with it. Definitely worse than good-natured wrestling. Thanks for the visit. I’ll be by soon. Hugs. Eva


    • No kidding, Grandma Jo. That’s awesome. Mom liked Tony Curtis, too. She never mentioned James Caan to me. She actually like a few actors. Thanks for the visit and comment. Happy East and enjoy your weekend. I love you.


    • Rereading some of this, it occurs to me, there is no point in battling for it. If someone catches it, it was meant for them and anyone who grabs for it is too late. The catcher can release it and not fight for it. Her luck is already hers.

      Liked by 1 person

    • This is too true, Grandma Dragon! Guess I was never very lucky, just competitive. That’s why I gave up competing, lol. At least I have some fun (only this one I consider cringe-worthy, smh) memories. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Easter! Love you.


  2. Hey Eva,

    Oh boy, I bet a Couple of stories from your youth could be turned into a novel, memoir and a movie ๐Ÿ™‚
    Did you ever play softball… I think it’s funny you always caught the bouquet… I never caught the garter… and am still traumatized ๐Ÿ™‚


    • If you only knew HALF the stories, Mark! I attempted softball, but wasn’t very good. Used to play handball with a couple of my closer friends. They forgave the fact that I wasn’t great at that either. Sports was never my forte, although I was good at soccer (with my dad), tumbling, roller skating, and ice skating. Figure those out. Oh, and chess.


  3. Fried shrimp, french fries, and soda–that’s a combo I never thought I’d hear LOL. Either way, City island sounds great. We’re the opposites. I always make my escape just before the bouquet throwing. Yeah, I’m such a party-pooper. Have a great weekend!


    • Ummm, sometimes the soda was spiked. Sheesh, blowing up my spot already? Lol! I don’t need to escape, I just don’t get up anymore. Have a great weekend and Easter. Hugs. Eva


    • Lol, I bet you would! I cringe every time I think of the victory stomping I did. (Rolling my eyes) I don’t follow RC anymore for several reasons, but yes the churches are beautiful (particularly St. Nicholas).


    • Lol, unfortunately my Comai has the VHS proof. What I wouldn’t do to get my grubby hands on it. ๐Ÿ™‚ That lady must’ve been about my age now (going on 50). That’s why I retired from bouquet catching around 35. :p


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