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A-Z Challenge 2015 – A is for AWAY WE GO!!

Hey all! This is my first venture into the A-Z Challenge, so you’ll have to forgive me as I stumble along this month. 🙂  Arlee Bird started this challenge at Tossing it Out, and it’s been around since about 2007.

I entered this challenge for one reason: Tina Downey. She was a dear blogger friend who we lost last August, far too young. She was great at lifting my spirits whenever I was having a rough time and I still miss her dearly. Her family has memorialized her blog, Life is Good and I visit it when I can.

Click to sign-up!

Click to sign-up!

I originally planned to do a theme on the history of the Bronx since that’s where I was raised, but life has its way of throwing curves. I’m keeping it theme-less for now, although I’ll throw in some tidbits about the Bronx since I’d already started doing research.

It’ll be the challenge, but if I can get through it unscathed, I will be one happy camper! 🙂

I’m one of Lisa’s Live Wires for new co-host Lisa Buie-Collard. You can also find her blog here. A-ZLisaLiveWiresI’m thrilled to be working with these amazing bloggers and writers as my Minion cohorts:

Rhonda Albom –   Bob R. Milne –   Tamera Narayan –   Doreen McGettigan –   Stephanie Faris –   Heather McCubbin –   Randi Lee

Oh, and A also stands for Arthur Avenue, which happens to be in Da Bronx, not far from where my BFF and Comadre, Julie used to live. It’s part of Bronx’s Little Italy.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow!




30 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2015 – A is for AWAY WE GO!!

  1. Thank you again for stopping by my blog earlier today. I’ve enjoyed reading your A-Z posts. I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. I went to her page and found it quite inspiring…I’m glad you are doing this for her, because of her…maybe even with her!
    I hope you have a good weekend!

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    • Thanks so much for the return visit and comment. I’ll definitely be passing by again throughout the month.

      Tina was definitely an inspiration to many of us and we still miss her tremendously. My only regret is that I never got to meet her personally. I was a fairly new blogger and was getting to know her online.

      Hope you enjoyed your weekend also! Hugs. Eva

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    • Thanks Doreen! I’m trying so hard to make it to all of your sites, but I’m so back and forth I’m running on fumes!

      It doesn’t help that it’s my first time and am completely clueless. I’ll make sure to pass by all my fellow Minions blogs very soon! Thanks so much for stopping over. Eva


  2. All the best for the challenge Eva. Themeless is sometimes the best way to go. But then who am I to say. This is my first official challenge. 😀


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