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IWSG – 10/14 – How to be a Better Writer: For the Fearful

Hello writers! It’s the first Wednesday of the month and we know what that means: It‘s time for another meeting of the Insecure Writers Support Group – #IWSG! 

Click on the Image to Join!

Click on the Image to Join!

  My hero, the amazing Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh founded this amazing group and this month is the IWSG’s FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR WEBSITE!! How awesome is that?



The awesome co-hosts for the October 1 special anniversary posting of the IWSG will be Kristin Smith, Elsie, Suzanne Furness, and Fundy Blue!


Title: How to be a Better Writer: For the Fearful

Topic: Writing

Bio: Lily Eva Blake aka Eva E. Solar, former EMT, brain hemorrhage/stroke survivor on a quest to become a published author. Blogs: lilicasplace and My Miracle Life

Permission Granted to include post in IWSG Guide to Publishing and Beyond.

Even though I’ve written since the age of seven, the only people who ever read my work were my parents and my teachers. The teachers were a requirement! It didn’t matter I was an A student in English and Writing. I always felt I could’ve done better. I waited until the last-minute to hand in any writing assignments so I could continue working out any kinks. A tweak here. A word there. I was always afraid my work was never good enough. Sound familiar?

Then you’re like how I used to be – one of the fearful ones. No, it’s OK. There’s no shame in it as long as you can admit it to yourself, accept it, and find ways to defeat the fear that chokes you, imprisons you, like I did. It’s not about our work not being good. It’s about letting fear take over our lives to the point where we hoard our stories so that they never see the light of day. We may not be great writers when we start but we sure can get better as we continue our journey!!

I had folders full of stories that had gone unnoticed for years, until recently. A major life event had to happen to put the fire under me to finally pursue my dream with vengeance. I’m working on a lot of them now. I submitted my first flash fiction story for an online Halloween meme contest in 2013. 2013!! This is someone who’s been writing since the age of seven; I’ll be 50 next year, God willing. I was petrified, but I entered. I didn’t win, but I placed. Please don’t let that be you. Don’t let fear steal your dreams from you like it almost did mine. Below is a short but simple list of things that can help you on your journey to becoming a better writer, especially made for the fearful.

  1. Practice, practice, practice
  2. Take a writing class (Coursera and Open U offer free classes every so often from basic grammar and sentence structure to fiction writing). Worth the look. You can have them alert you when classes will be upcoming.
  3. Start a Blog. This will be your personal space to write, meet other bloggers with similar interests. It’s a wonderful opportunity to find other new writers who are just starting out on their journey. It was through my blog that I was fortunate enough to find the Insecure Writers Support Group.
  4. Join a writer’s group that you’re comfortable with. If you’re like me and have trouble with transportation, find a good online group. They’re out there. You just need to look.
  5. Read, read, and read. Yes. In order to be a better writer, you have to read books by various authors. It will show you different styles of writing, points of view, scenes and settings, etc. Plus you’ll open your mind to all sorts of new genres and sub-genres, and niches. Since reading outside my norm, I’ve never looked back.
  6. Even when you’re afraid, submit work. It’s ridiculously difficult for someone who is fearful, I get it. Start small if that’s what makes you comfortable. When my piece placed in that Halloween meme contest, I was so stoked, I entered NaNoWriMo that November, and won. Need I say more?
  7. Expect rejections. It’s going to happen; that’s just life. Don’t let it dampen your spirit or bring you down. Some of the best known authors could wallpaper rooms of their homes with the rejection letters they received the years before becoming well-known. Growing a thick skin is a MUST. It will take time. I haven’t fully grown mine yet, but it’s getting there.
  8. Believe in yourself and in your talent, but remember success is not going to be handed to you. Be ready to work for it. You will get out of your writing what you have put in to it.

Best of luck in your writing journey.





14 thoughts on “IWSG – 10/14 – How to be a Better Writer: For the Fearful

    • Thank you Suzanne for visiting! I love what I’ve seen of the submissions for the anthologies so far. There are so many interesting ones and I’ve barely scraped the surface yet. I can’t wait to check out the rest this weekend. Thanks again for co-hosting this month. Eva


    • Thanks so much Beverly! Sorry for the late reply but Wednesday was move day for me and I was swamped. I was lucky that my posts were pre-scheduled except for a final second look over. This weekend will be my IWSG hop around! I appreciate the visit! Will be sure to check out your site. Have a great night.


  1. Great advice, Lily! You were spot on with all of this! And it is so true—we have to expect rejection. I wish I had known about the rejection aspect when I first started the querying process a year ago. So excited for this anthology and how much it will help newbies and seasoned writers. 🙂

    IWSG co-host


    • I can’t agree more Kristen! I’m so excited for this anthology to come out. I know for a fact there is going to be so much valuable advice for us all. It will probably be my go-to book for anything and everything writing, publishing, and marketing related. Again, thanks for co-hosting and I’m happy you passed by. 🙂


  2. I’m glad you were able to overcome your fears. Mine haven’t quite set in but I’m sure once I get my final draft from my CP – ugh – they’ll worm their way in. Thanks for sharing so much great advice!

    co-host IWSG


    • Believe me Elsie, I still have fears but I’m nowhere near as bad as I was just a year ago. I’ve become much more fearLESS since taking classes and having fellow students critique my work. That was the worst!

      Everyday I’m getting better, stronger, more unafraid, and my skin becomes a little thicker. Thanks for visiting and thank you again for co-hosting!


    • 6 and 7 are the hardest for me. 8 hasn’t been too bad since I’ve found such a supportive group of people through my online writing friends, bloggers, and support groups that encourage and cheer me on when I’m down on myself.

      They’re also good for the virtual kick in the pants when necessary. Believe that! Hugs! Eva

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