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Express Yourself – June 30-July 4, 2014

Hey fellow bloggers. I did it again; I aimed for 75-100% for my Express Yourself posts last month and fell short. Grrr. I get so upset at myself. I feel blessed to have the totally amazing hosts still keeping me on the roster. I’m going to try harder this month.

Click Image to Join

Click Image to Join

Jackie Felger from Bouquet of Books and Dani Bertrand from Entertaining Interests founded this great blog hop that has a great group of people with weekly topics that change every month. This week’s topic is:

JUNE 30-JULY 4: Did you have a beloved toy growing up? What was it?

Easy-peasy. It was my Raggedy Ann and Andy, although Ann was a lot more worn and torn than Andy.  🙂

Of course, when I got a little older, it was all about my Barbie dream house (which looked nothing like today’s dream houses, haha), and convertible.

Yeah, those were my favorite toys growing up. Once I got to my teens, it was all about reading books, writing stories,  playing occasional Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and reading more books (even though I started the reading and writing part way earlier in life…typing this post just jogged a memory of me carrying a handful of books from the public library when I was about seven years old and reading them all within three days.)

Thank you Dani and Jackie for this week’s question. It jogged a memory I’m not sure I would’ve remembered otherwise. If you’re interested in participating in this blog hop, click on the image above to be transported to the sign-up linky! Have a great day everyone!

8 thoughts on “Express Yourself – June 30-July 4, 2014

  1. Judging from the games you listed, we were probably teens at about the same time. Those came out when I was in high school. My first computer game was Pong though. Hours of stupid entertainment…


    • Yup Ninja, I have to agree. I was in high school too. You mentioning Pong rings a bell; I’m going to have to look it up and see if it looks familiar. I probably played it too and just can’t remember. Thanks for always stopping by. Did I ever tell you how much you ROCK?!! Eva


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