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Express Yourself Meme-June 2-6, 2014

Hey there fellow bloggers! I’m being a good girl and publishing my first post for June’s Express Yourself Meme. eymjune14  I was at 50% last month and I wrote in my last post that I was aiming for 75-100% for June. I really want 100%. 🙂

This wonderful blog-hop was founded by the dynamic duo of Dani Bertrand at Entertaining Interests and Jackie Felger at Bouquet of Books.

The topic for June 2-9 is: Any fave video games? Not a gamer, then what are your top board games, cards, etc. you enjoy?

Pfft, that’s easy. I haven’t played in a while, but I love the Fallout game. 🙂 Especially 2 and 3. I have it for Playstation3. I finished Fallout 2 three or four times; I kept trying to be a bad guy, but I always wound up with good karma in the end. I was about halfway through Fallout 3 when I had my bleed, maybe more. By the time I was well enough to play again, I had to start over. I did, but find I can’t play for long lengths of time. I still haven’t gotten to the level I was before. One day.

Oh, board games. I always loved them. My favorite used to be the Game of Life. I liked Monopoly too, but when I was young, it just took too long to finish.

That’s all I have for today. I’ll check in with next week’s topic! Have a great one all.


8 thoughts on “Express Yourself Meme-June 2-6, 2014

    • I like computer games too, but I haven’t played them in years…and I mean YEARS!! I think I became spoiled after a while, although I don’t think I’ve played more than six hours worth of video games in the past two years. Too busy.


  1. Fallout looked like a lot of fun when a friend showed it to me. I never got into it due to not having the system, game, or time. Though I think I remember playing the first one long ago.

    Monopoly was a favorite, but it really is a game that can end friendships if it went for too long.


    • Unfortunately, I can’t focus on the game long enough now to play it for any extended length of time, and now time is a factor also since I’m doing so many other things too. I never played Monopoly THAT long, lol.


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