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Express Yourself – Finally!

I signed up for EXPRESS YOURSELF blog hop so many months ago, and there was ALWAYS something coming up, and they were never good.  Express-yourself-logo-sidebarNow, everything seems to have calmed down, and I thank the wonderful organizers of this weekly meme Dani at Entertaining Interests and Jackie at Bouquet of Books for keeping on the list while I went through my struggles. Xoxoxoxo.

The topic for May 5-9 is to take one of your favorite books and turn to page 89. What are the 8th or 9th sentences or lines? If 8 or 9 lines aren’t on that page, then just choose two lines that you like from it. I chose the book House of Bathory by Linda Lafferty. I don’t have the physical book, only the Kindle version, so I don’t really rely on their ‘page numbers’.

On Kindle’s page 89, lines 8 and 9 are as follows:

“Hello, is this Dr. Path?”


Um, no. So I’m just going to take two lines before that, on the same page.

A cold hand touches me, a finger under my chin. I am paralyzed.

Mmmm, yeah. So much better. Who’d wanna read the book with just “Hello” as the teaser?

So, that’s my tidbit for this week’s Express Yourself. Until next post…


6 thoughts on “Express Yourself – Finally!

    • I love those lines on that page too. It’s the beginning of a chapter, so there’s not too much else. I’ll be reviewing that one soon, as well. 🙂


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