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Book Review: Embryo by J.A. Schneider

Doing another book review. I’ve always loved thrillers, always. Crime thrillers, psychological thrillers, mystery thrillers, you name it. Medical thrillers? Eh, not so much. I read  a couple a few months ago, they were OK.embryo-ja

The description for Embryo by J.A. Schneider sounded really good, and since I’m never one to pass up an e-book on sale, I took a chance and bought it. Plus, I never know when I might find another new favorite author. Great investment; This was Ms. Schneider’s first novel, published in March 2012.

Embryo by J.A. Schneider

**** Stars

Dr. Jill Raney is a medical intern at a prestigious teaching and genetic research hospital in New York City. While doing her obstetrics rotation, some very bizarre and tragic cases come through its doors. Babies born with the rarest of conditions and disabilities, never making it out of the delivery room. The mothers are dying, or disappearing.

Dr. Raney begins to dig into some of the cases, trying to find a link, anything that can connect these women and the hospital together. It seems that some of the other interns have come across similarly bizarre cases. Jill finds some small similarities initially; when she first discusses it with her supervisor-then lover, third-year resident Dr. David Levine, he doesn’t believe there’s any link.

When a pregnant woman is found murdered near the hospital and her belly drained of amniotic fluid, Jill suspects something much more sinister. The closer she gets to the truth, the more danger she finds herself in.

I found this to be a good read; The first page drew me right in. That’s hard to do with me. I suppose it’s the EMT in me; I’m surprised medical thrillers have never been at the top of my list of favorite genres. The book was fast-paced and I liked the way Jill and David’s characters were drawn out. There were several good plot twists in the story, things I didn’t even see coming.

There wasn’t much that I disliked about the book, but I did think the relationship between Jill and David would’ve started off more slowly. I did notice some minor medical procedural discrepancies, but they were not enough to take away from the thrill of the story. I did find the museum scene near the end was a bit much, but for a first novel, this book was amazing.

Overall, I give this book four stars **** and will definitely read the next book in the series. I’d love to watch the growth of the characters and Ms. Schneider as an author.

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10 thoughts on “Book Review: Embryo by J.A. Schneider

    • Hi LD, thanks for stopping by; I appreciate the feedback. I’m pretty limited in my knowledge of medical thrillers, since I’ve only read three so far. Lol. But out of the three that I’ve read, this one was the best of them. Eva


    • Thanks for stopping by Medeia; I appreciate the comment. Thanks to YOU for the wonderful posts you’ve been putting up for this month’s Challenge. I’m glad I get your posts by email!


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