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Book Review: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower

I hope all of my blogger friends are doing well today, and I hope that my first posted review has been helpful for some of you. If it was, I’ve also posted it on Amazon and Goodreads. A like would be appreciated on either of those sites.

I’m going to be adding regular book reviews to my blog. In honor of the upcoming début of Book Four of the Legends of Windemere Series, I am going to try posting my reviews of the first three books in the Series prior to it. This may or may not happen. Cover Art by Jason Pedersen But for now, it’s time to post my review of the second book:

Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.  ****1/2 Stars

I waited none too patiently for this book to come out after having read Beginning of a Hero last summer. I have to admit, it was worth the wait. Luke and the others have graduated the Academy and Luke is given the task of escorting the Royal to God’s Voice. Luke brings three other escorts/adventurers with him, per the Duke’s orders (not including Fizzle). Of course, Luke chooses his trusted crew: Fritz, Aedyn and Nimby.

However, they must first stop at Rainbow Tower in Gaia to pick up the fourth escort required by Duke Solomon. Nyx, the star apprentice of casters Cyril and Willow, is that ‘escort’, but they don’t find that out until after their disastrous first meeting where Nyx presents Luke and Fritz her impatient, impolite, rude, hard-headed, arrogant, and quick to cast fire spells side. Luke is none too happy. Nyx is also outraged, because she doesn’t want to leave the only place she knows to be home. They grudgingly agree to try getting along, since neither one had any choice in the matter.

Early on, they form a bond, almost like brother and sister, and fight like it too! There is adventure after adventure, with Luke and Nyx fighting side by side, becoming a formidable team. Even the Lich, and the Hellfire Elf are given back-up, in the form of the Queen of the Chaos Elves, Trinity; and ooh, how I love to hate her! During an especially dangerous battle at Hero’s Gate, a spell was cast with devastating results. Can there still be victory?

There is little I can say negatively about this book, because I’ve grown to care for these characters so much. If anything, the only thing that pulls me out of the story briefly is the occasional overuse of adverbs. Other than that, I love this Series.

There is plenty of drama and action; everyone has a battle or crisis at some point in the story. The adventure, betrayal, loss, and grief throughout this installment makes it a must read for any upper MG or YA.

Four and a half STARS from me.



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