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The Zen of Twitter

Ever thought about Twitter as your Zen experience?


Well, some people are Twitter people, while others are Facebook people.

Then, we all know the people who live, eat, and sleep social media.  The ones that are just plain old addicted and conflicted. They have a Facebook account, a Pinterest account, and a YouTube channel.  They are linked on LinkedIn.  They tumble onto Tumblr and when all else fails, they stumble onto Stumblr.  You know the kind; the chickens with the heads cut off.

Way back in 528 A.D., Bodhidharma described Zen as

“Not dependent on the written word,


Seeing one’s nature, becoming Buddha.”

But we do depend on the written word, albeit the truncated version. We have more to show and tell than ever before, and we want to show and tell it to the world in real-time.

Therein lies that lure of Twitter; the biggest and the most spirited Show and Tell in the history of Show and Tells.

We pitch the latest news in content marketing with a pithy 140 character quip: Verbose authors are not welcome here.

We flaunt our experience with all things social media with Zen-like tweets, cajoling our followers into commenting on our Instagram feeds.

Have a favorite song or album?  Do serendip.me. and seal it with a tweet. After-all, contemporary Zen requires that we exist fully in the present.

One of the basic tenants of the Zen experience is to breathe, just breathe.  In the intimacy of Twitter, the speed with which our tweets travel, however, necessitates that we do so quickly.

Thumbs fly across keypads at the speed of light entering text; take a breath.  A quick entry of a hashtag; gulp some air.  Hit the tweet badge; off the goes the clipped missive. Exhale.

We’ve changed the Zen of Bodhidharma.

We’ve Twitterized it.


Twitter has become an all-encompassing passion.  In true Zen spirit, we have become enlightened; savvy in the business of marketing, promoting ourselves, promoting others, and instantaneous news delivery

We gain insight into our own nature by giving just one more push to acquire new followers.

We meditate by being aware, not of the stream of our thoughts, but by the flow of our timelines.

Let this new Zen be for the good. I wish that we make it so,

“To transcend the distinction of self and other,”

By Sharing.

Give of yourself, really.  Not just a bit of information “here” that might help someone with the “there.”

I’ve said this before:  Forget those Twitter numbers.  You know the old cliché about aiming for quality, not quantity.

Play nice.  Remember, everybody started somewhere.  You did. So did I.

Finally, just breathe.


When writing The Zen of Twitter, I was reminded of my BFF Lily. She is the most zen inspired person I know. 


One thought on “The Zen of Twitter

  1. I love Twitter but I rarely use it. My followers have kind of built up all buy themselves and I only ever use it as a link to my blog so that my posts get published there. However… I do recognise its merit and to that end I have been looking at using it on a more regular basis but as you say, there is so much social media out there, time is just not on our side! Great post.


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