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It’s Good to be Back! Happy Belated Blogiversary to Me!!

Hey to all my beloved blog buddies! I’m back to blogging, a little at a time, because I’ve missed you all so much. I’ve missed the writing, the interactions, the comments, and community. I haven’t been well for the past couple of months, dropping weight and eating little. Luckily, my testing shows that everything looks pretty good except for a bit of a thyroid issue. So, in addition to my usual meds, I’m taking something for my thyroid as well. It seems to be working. My appetite is coming back, I’m not feeling as run down since I’ve been on them and I don’t suffer the constant feeling between hot and cold.


For a while, I was really beginning to worry. I’d been neglecting even my everyday writing, which I rarely did, even when I took breaks from blogging. A couple of weeks ago I had my first anniversary of blogging and wasn’t even up to celebrating. So I guess this is my happy to be back, belated blogiversary post with balloons and cake! 🙂 I know I left off a couple of months back with my ‘series’ on Coming clean about my stroke. I suppose I’ll continue telling it, but it seems like it’s been so long since I’ve posted it in its parts, that I may just continue talking about it in general; or if you guys would prefer me to continue posting the series in parts, please let me know in the comments or email. cake2

I’d really like to know. It’s going to take me a little while to get back into the swing of things, but you have all been so patient with me and the outpouring of love I get is unreal. Most importantly, I have to thank my BFF, Marilyn Parel,

My best friend's page: On Becoming a Writer

My best friend’s page: On Becoming a Writer

for picking up some of the slack for me, because she has been great (and is continuing to be great) by posting on my blog at least once a week. You can find her  by clicking on the image to the left. Anyhow, my darling BFF will probably continue to post once a week for me until I get into a regular routine again. I’m aiming to post at least once a week to start, while going back to my WIP. While I was under the weather, I WAS able to get a lot of reading done, so I’m thinking of posting some book reviews on the blog too. I’m curious about what you guys think of that. I sometimes post reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, but not always. Any suggestions would be awesome. It’ll help me get my focus back.

Just typing up this post is making me feel like a million bucks, so I have a feeling I’m going to be back with a vengeance soon enough. That being said, Happy Blogiversary to Me, I love and miss you guys and until next post… Nighty Night. Lily

5 thoughts on “It’s Good to be Back! Happy Belated Blogiversary to Me!!

  1. Hi! Good to have you back! I’m glad they found out what was causing all your problems. Diagnosing is the key, says the girl with the multiple health issues…
    I’d love to continue to hear your stroke-recovery story in any form that you want, whether in a series or just in your weekly blogging.
    As to book reviews, I do enjoy reading those. Also, an indie publishing group I hang out with is pushing for more reviews posted on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. They’re doing some research about if reviews drive sales, or if sales drive review. Be glad to hook you up.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014


  2. It’s great to see you back! Happy Blogiversary! I found the posts about your stroke recovery very interesting. But if you feel that ship has sailed, as it were, don’t worry. I’ve often thought of subjects to blog about, then the right moment seems to have passed and I don’t end up doing the post.
    Book reviews are always interesting – I’ve found many new titles from people’s blogs. I’m rubbish at doing them myself, though!
    Take care and see you (in this virtual world, anyway) soon! xx


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