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Love & Happiness

Heard a song the other day “Love and Happiness.”  The Reverend Al Green recorded it many years ago.

The song goes on about you being good to me and me being good to you.

The power of love, making one do right, at times making one do wrong.

Love, making us walk and talk together.

The power of love.  The power of happiness.


Neal Fowler @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/31878512@N06/3490869804

I wrote about love here.

I wrote about happiness here

Seems I wasn’t so far off after all according to the Reverend.

But think about what makes you happy in your social media interactions.  Does it matter if we’re happy doing whatever it is we do?

Do we have to love what we do to be happy?

What about the effects others have on us in social media?

While we’re plying a trade and making a sale, I think one should be mindful of the reaction to an action.

It’s not hard really.

No one can tell you how to feel.

No one can tell you that such and such make for happiness.

But I will tell you something that you can take to the bank:  Being kind, being thoughtful, and being trustworthy will surely solidify your place in your social media interactions.

It’s not about you, even thought we all like to think it is sometimes.

It’s about the people you’re trying to reach and the message you want to convey.

It’s about the love. It’s about the happiness.

I borrowed this post from my blog for my friend, Lily, who’s been under the weather for a while. I know you guys miss her terribly.  She’s O.K. She’ll be back soon.

6 thoughts on “Love & Happiness

    • Thanks for the visit Tina. It means the world. 🙂 I have to admit, I have the greatest BFF. Marilyn is like my rock. Don’t know what I’d do without her. I’m going to try getting back into the swing of things slowly, but I’m still not 100% and I’m still waiting on some test results. Fingers crossed. Lily xoxoxo


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