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Express Yourself Meme!

I ran around the blogosphere a few weeks ago thanking everyone for visiting me during my Blitz event, and visiting new blogs, I came across another fabulous event that I want to get involved with.


Jackie Felger over at BOUQUET OF BOOKS  and Dani Bertrand over at ENTERTAINING INTERESTS started this last year.  It’s a fun way to get to know other bloggers. Check out their sites if you haven’t already. Each site will explain the details. I signed up a few weeks back and then, unfortunately came the madness of the past couple of weeks. So, I’m putting in this week’s entry in the hope that these two fine bloggers will forgive my absence. At least this weeks topic is easy!

Topic for this week: Which Halloween candy were you most excited to see in your Trick-or-Treat bags and/or in your children’s bags?

Oh, I told you this was so easy!!! To this day, they are still my favorite!


All time favorite candy!! (Chocolate, that is…)

Of course, my daughter loves them almost as much as I do. When she was a kid she kept most of her candy. She really disliked another one of my favorite candies and would always hand them off to me when she was ‘unlucky’ enough to get them. Unfortunately for me, they weren’t given out often enough!


My All-time Favorite Non-Chocolate Candy!

Your turn. . . What were and still are your favorite Halloween candies to see in your kids’ baskets or bags? Mine is all grown now, so I just buy the candy and “share” with the kids I’m giving them out to! 🙂

This was a fun and lighthearted post, one that I really needed. Thanks Jackie and Dani, for this wonderful ‘treat’!

12 thoughts on “Express Yourself Meme!

  1. Aloha Lily,
    I honestly don’t remember that I had a favorite candy.., trick or treating in Dublin of the ’70s and ’80s wasn’t that much fun, but I was excited to get whatever I got… it was FREE Stuff!! 🙂


    • Aloha to you too Mark! Thanks for stopping by. Of course FREE is always good, but come on, everyone’s gotta have a favorite… Even today I couldn’t pass up a Reese’s cup if I tried! 🙂


  2. Hi! I joined in today!! I am out and about visiting blogs, and wrote my own favorite treat post! Stop by and say hello! sandysanderellasmusings.blogspot.com


    • Hi Jackie! I joined a few weeks ago actually and then all heck broke loose. I’m glad I finally was able to put up my post after spending a good week and a day catching up. I’m glad it was such a fun post too! I’m loving it already. 🙂


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