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I’ve Been BLITZED! And I Loved Every Minute!

The past few weeks have been extraordinarily busy for me. Between writing my post series about my stroke, some personal issues I’m dealing with on the home front, working on my novel, keeping up with my social media (or trying to, at least), I’ve been a chicken without a head. I had fallen behind in some things that I usually do religiously; like check my email.


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I have followed DL Hammon’s BLOG BLITZ since I started my blog. Well, maybe two or three weeks after. . . Anyway, I’ve blitzed bloggers every time . I love it. I was beside myself when I checked my email recently only to find that I had missed a Blitz!

Willing to accept whatever punishment DL saw fit, I emailed him after I finally saw the Blitz email (five days later. Ayeee). I threw myself on the mercy of the Blitz King’s Court and briefly explained my circumstances. I was not, however, willing to accept being removed from the Blitz roster. . . (of course, I didn’t mention that to King, Master DL. I was too busy groveling explaining). I didn’t hear anything back from him. I thought to myself, that can’t be good.

The next thing I know, I go to my blog and I have a ton of comments waiting to be approved! I was ecstatic! The comments were amazing, inspiring and definitely lift me up spiritually. Thank you all!

And DL, if this is the kind of punishment you hand down to your subjects, give me more!! You are amazing!

On that note, I’m going to end this post with a huge smile on my face and hugs to all my blogger friends; old and new. Love you guys!


9 thoughts on “I’ve Been BLITZED! And I Loved Every Minute!

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the blitz. DL seems to have a knack for knowing who’d appreciate an explosion of comments. And you didn’t even have to clean the house before we all dropping in on you!

    Count me in as your newest groupie. (I don’t wanta miss part five!)


  2. lily, DL seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to blitz matters. When I was blitzed I had just nursed my hubby through both CHF and pneumonia. As if that wasn’t bad enough 3 out of 4 adult children left their husbands bringing home extra baggage named my grandchildren. I was at a low point in rehab because I started to hear the comment “as good as it is going to get” then I got blitzed. Sometimes he gets heads up from blitzers and other times he just knows.


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