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Coming Clean About My Stroke-Part3

Good evening to all my blog family! Sorry it’s taken me a bit to complete Part 3 of the Series. Last week was the week for me. I had a post due for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group on Wednesday. That had to be kept short and very sweet (and a little late) because I arrived in NJ to attend the wedding of a friend and wound up having a focal seizure while attempting to purchase a dress at the mall.  😦 Anyhoo, what matters is that I made it to the wedding and I will post a few of my ‘sexy mama’ pix in a future post.

Back to the hospital. . .

The neurosurgeon and neurologist are getting ready to clear me from NICU and transfer me to a regular floor until a bed is available at the inpatient rehabilitation hospital. Physical and speech therapists still come by regularly to work with me. At this point, I am able to stand with assistance.  The day before my move to a regular room, I take my first steps with the help of a physical therapist on each side of me (a friend actually took video). As much as I would have loved to include them in my photo, I haven’t been back to see them in some time, and have not gotten permission yet. It was a big day. All of my bears and balloons were packed and taken away that night (except for a small Eeyore I kept with me) since I would be going to a small semi-private room in the morning.

My very first steps. . .After one month in NICU. The beginning of a very long and arduous journey towards recovery.

My very first steps. . .After one month in NICU. The beginning of a very long and arduous journey towards recovery.

The following morning, I was wheeled up to my new room; which was TINY compared to my suite in NICU. I did have a roommate though. She was about 15 years older than me and was friendly towards me. She did tattle on me though…

My daughter and son-in-law came to visit me my first day on the regular floor. Me, being the stubborn, hard-headed person that I can sometimes be, decided I would go to the bathroom with help from my daughter and son-in-law. (Oh, did I forget to mention that I only had my Foley catheter removed two days earlier and was supposed to use a bedpan??) As much as they tried to dissuade me, I won. I felt that with their assistance, I would be able to drag the left side of my body across to the bathroom. I didn’t make it halfway across before I became so winded and exhausted that I couldn’t move anymore. Because of all the lines in me, my son-in-law was afraid to try carrying me back to the bed, so my roommate rang for the nurse. It happened to be a male nurse. As wonderful as he was, he proceeded to verbally pow pow me about attempting to leave the bed without proper supervision. Between him and my son-in-law, back into bed I went and out came the damn bedpan.  😦

My two favorite physical therapists came back later in the afternoon for a session. We talked about the morning fiasco; word sure did get around! I worked my butt off that afternoon and made it about 20 steps round trip that day with one stop to sit in a chair. I had another plasmapheresis treatment and some more visitors. I know I slept a bit because every time I woke up, someone new was sitting in my room. I also had another session with a Speech Therapist. I know I had some while I was in NICU (besides having to pass the swallow test), I just can’t remember them. It was extremely frustrating. By the time she left my room, I was in tears. I knew there were going to be a lot more days like that ahead of me.

My last day at the hospital was basically the same; meals, physical, speech therapies and my meds. More visitors came by. Of course, no more trying to get out of bed for me.  All my things were packed and ready to go. My case worker came by to speak to me about the rehabilitation hospital I would be transferred to the next day. I signed some paperwork, as did my daughter and that was it. By the end of the day, I was exhausted.

December 19 or 20, I think it was, would be the start of my new adventure at the inpatient Rehabilitation hospital. I’ll explain as much as I can remember about the journey from the hospital to rehab and my first days there in Part 4 of the Series. I hope to have that post up by next week.

As I got further along in recovery, I remembered more things; fascinating stuff, this brain we have. As I move along in my journey, you’ll find that I will get more in-depth with what’s going on around me, details that I remember, my feelings, my frustrations, my willpower, and sometimes lack of.

I hope you guys stick with me while I finish flushing my system of all that I’ve pent-up for so long. I already know those who definitely will and I love you so much more for it. 🙂

Until next post.

10 thoughts on “Coming Clean About My Stroke-Part3

  1. Hi Lily, really glad we’ve been having twitter chats! I’ll be having an internet radio interview soon. Just don’t know the date it will air, but i’ll tell you when I know. We’ll be discussing my first book,. Tails of Sweetbrier. It’s got a brand new cover that my sister drew and our son did the lettering for it so we’re very proud that it was a family project.


    • That is awesome! Please let me know; I’d love to listen to it. Although, I have to admit, I’m not the greatest when it comes to computer savvy. You might have to direct me on how to find the station! 🙂


  2. You Bet!! I love your wall paper!! It is beautiful! I hope your doing better each and everyday Lily. I truly understand how difficult it must be to learn things you always knew all over again….I commented on my blog in answer to your lovely message, and wondered if the therapists your working with would let you crochet…just chains! You can really make some stunning necklaces…I will get a pattern to you, maybe tomorrow so you can see what I mean. Hi fashion! Something to do with your hands if you can. Hugs to you Lily, I will say a little prayer for you this evening, and I wish you back to your old Lily! Sandy


    • Oh Sandy, I was in rehab almost two years ago. I’ve only gotten comfortable talking about it recently. I’m sure my rehab doc, who I still see every six weeks, would LOVE for me to crochet again. I’m getting there though. 🙂


  3. Can i say just this one thing????
    I LOVE YOU ! 😛
    Sorry, i got kinda excited for you.
    I’m so happy that you are in recovery now and the part about physiotherapist makes me happier.
    I hope one day I’m someone else’s Favorite physiotherapist 🙂
    Lots of love from me!


  4. Another great instalment – I’m just sorry that something that makes fascinating reading, was so awful for you to go through! You are describing it brilliantly. xx


    • Thanks Karen, lol. It was definitely horrible to go through, but it gave me a new appreciation for life, even when I go through depression at times. I’m glad you find it fascinating though. At least I know a couple of people are listening to my vents. My neuro-psychologist thinks the best thing I can do is get it off my chest. As much as it hurts sometimes remembering some of the stuff, at least I know the worst is over. I can only go up from here. I hate to break it to you darling, but once I get to where I remember more and more, my posts will become far more emotional. Fair warning. Love you girl. Xoxoxoxo.


    • I don’t know if I’d call it bravery or courage girl. I think it’s that basic instinct for survival that we all have. I knew then, like I know now, that there are still things that I would like to accomplish in my life. I’m wasn’t ready then and I’m sure as hell not ready or willing to give up now. And neither are you!!! Much love right back atcha! 🙂 I will ALWAYS be here for you; God willing.


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