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Its That Time! IWSG!

I know it’s almost midnight and I’m going to miss the cut off, but I am hoping that the wonderful Ninja Alex J Cavanaugh will forgive me just this one time.


I came into NJ today because I’m going to a black tie wedding on Friday. So, of course there’s much to do. My dress was pretty, but my escort wanted to get me a prettier one as a belated birthday present. Ok by me! I love shopping! So off to the mall we go. It’s me and two male friends. This week wasn’t the greatest for me, but it wasn’t the worst either. We get to the mall, and all of a sudden I start to feel weak. One friend is coming out of the men’s room and the other is with me. I let him know I’m going to sit down for a minute. The next thing I know, one is sitting next to me and the other is standing directly in front of me looking worried. The friend sitting next to me says, “You just had a seizure.” . . . “No.” . . . “Yeah, you did. It lasted over three minutes.”  Dammit!

It seems that every time my six months is up and I should be able to get behind the wheel and practice driving, my body decides to pull a number on me. I’ve had a seizure every six months for nearly the past two years. One. Focal. Not grand mal. But enough to keep my privileges suspended for yet another six months. What to do?

I suppose like anything else, I’m going to keep trying, move forward, NEVER give up and not stop til I get what I want!

I apologize that I posted the picture and only a few words earlier. I didn’t bring my laptop and am working off of my Kindle. Forgive me Ninja!

This post is a little shorter than normal, but I need to get some sleep. As always, I love you guys. Until next post.

6 thoughts on “Its That Time! IWSG!

  1. There is no such thing as giving up. Are you on meds for the seizures?

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding and let us know all about it.


    • Hey Kate. I had a blast at the wedding. I’ll post a couple of pics when I get a chance. I do take seizure meds since the bleed, although I’m at only half the dosage now. I’m working on it baby. Dont want to be on them forever. 🙂


  2. You better not give up girl. Who in their right mind will listen to me besides you? No one. That’s who. How’s that for being selfish? (LOL) Seriously you have come so far, there should be no stopping you now. Oh, I recently joined the IWSG because I am very insecure in my writing. So there, you’re stuck with me. Much luv.


    • Lol! That’s awesome. I’d never give up; especially knowing I have friends like you. Ha! Don’t kid yourself girl, my screenwriter extraordinaire has many people that listen to her. That’s why you’ve been stuck with ME since Day 1. Love you to pieces girl. I’m not worried. This is just a bitty stumbling block. But I’m so excited that u joined the IWSG! 🙂


    • Thanks Rebecca, I appreciate it. I do have great friends. Thankfully, most work EMS/PD and know not to panic. 🙂 I’m doing my best to take care of me. Writing has always been a love of mine and is the reason I started this blog. I’m happy you came by to visit and comment.


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