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Need To, Got To Vent…

Hey there fellow bloggers. It’s after three AM in PA now and I can’t sleep a wink; not that it’s unusual for me. But today (yesterday, actually) started out a really bad day.  First off, I told my roommate that I would set up a few things for her around the house because she was having a realtor come with a possible buyer to look at the property, since she is planning to sell. Fine, no biggie. So, about 15-20 minutes before the expected arrival time, I start opening curtains, lighting the tea-lights, opening the sliding doors, etc.

One of the last things I do is turn off the alarm system, which is always on ‘stay’, and unlock the door. No sooner do I unlock the door and start heading up the stairs, when all of a sudden the alarm starts blaring. Because I am still recovering, I get easily overwhelmed and proceed to freak out at the noise. I frantically try to make my way back down, put the code back in to silence the alarm. After that’s done, I have to make my way back upstairs to the bedrooms so I can wait for the alarm company to call so I can tell them it’s a false alarm. Meanwhile, this whole time, I’m shaking and tears are streaming down my face. Let’s all remember that I’ve also got that slight gait issue going on also. 😦

About three minutes later a call comes in. It’s not the alarm company; it’s the State Police. Apparently, they got the call in from the alarm company as a panic alarm, so there must have been some sort of malfunction with the system or keypad. Either way, the operator advised me that I needed to call the alarm company directly and cancel them since they’ve already been dispatched. Now, I start to freak out even more. As I’m getting off the phone with the operator, my roommate is calling my cell. When I answer, I try to blurt out that she needs to call the alarm company and cancel the State Police before they get to the house because I don’t have their number. She tells me to calm down and she will take care of it. End of call.

Maybe two minutes later, she calls me back. I’m still hysterical, trying to calm myself down. First question out of her mouth is, “What did you do?”  I was still so shaken and upset that it didn’t hit me immediately what she asked me. Finally, in a rush of stuttering words I told her that I didn’t do anything wrong and tried to explain what happened. She tells me “I can’t talk to you when you’re like this,” and proceeds to hang up on me. What boggles my mind is that she works as an EMS dispatcher for a living. This is how you speak to distressed callers? I know I’m just a friend, but give me a break. After what seemed an eternity, (which was about 20 minutes) I calmed down enough that I was able to freshen myself up and make myself look halfway presentable. After all that, she then decides to text me and speak to me like I’m three. “In case the Police do by chance show up at the house, just remember, they’re  your friend.” Really? I’ve worked with them my entire EMS career. Really? Thanks for the words of wisdom there, Sherlock. Don’t need them now. I’m sorry if I’m sounding just a wee bit angry, but those 20 minutes were probably the worst 20 minutes I can recall in a very, very long time.

I’ve never suffered from panic or anxiety attacks of that nature or magnitude before. My heart breaks thinking about how people live life every single day feeling that way. Thank goodness these people looking at the house didn’t show up until nearly noon.

On the bright side, and there was a beautiful bright side to this day; my close friend and former co-worker came up from New Jersey today to spend the day with me. She called me right after my little fiasco with the alarm and said she was already on her way. We call each other PIC (partners in crime) because every time we used to work together, we would always get ourselves into some sort of shenanigans… so we did a bit a shopping and some lunch and caught up on some goings on. I love this young lady too. She is yet another one of my adopted daughters. Briana! You’ve got another sister! 🙂

Anyway, speaking of New Jersey,  while I was debating about whether I wanted to vent on the blog or not; I went through some YouTube videos and came across this one with Gov. Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon slow jamming. Made me laugh. Goodness knows I needed a few. Until tomorrow; I hope you enjoy.

21 thoughts on “Need To, Got To Vent…

  1. You two sound like you’d get along great then. Although I really would like to see her on the back of a horse just one time… haha. (The pony ride when she was a toddler DOES NOT count). 😀


  2. I am so sorry. It’s a horrible experience isn’t it. I do suffer from panic attacks, sometimes daily ( lately it seems to be that way,) so know you are not alone and most people don’t know how to help. They are, for wont of a better word, useless.
    So good to see you looking at the bright side. 🙂


    • I have to look at the bright side. It’s done and over with; hopefully will not happen again. Been giving the evil eye to the alarm keypad all day, but other than that, I’m good. :p You’re right, sometimes people can seem useless when you’re in the midst of your attack. This one has been, by far, the worst one I’ve had since my surgery, but what are ya gonna do? Get over it and keep it movin’ I say. (Note how I say that with such ease and control today!!) LOL. So how’ve you been? I know I’ve been writing up a storm between yesterday and today. That whole fiasco seems to have been a blessing in disguise… {{{shuddering at the thought}}}


    • That’s so funny…I would do exactly the same thing. I’d give it dirty looks and point the finger at it for days.
      Writing is my therapy so when I have a bad spell, I write up a storm as well. It really does help.
      I’m doing OK and thank you so much for asking. I have my brother here with me for a few weeks and I’m enjoying it so much. 🙂 As you say, keep moving.


    • We sound so much alike… and we’re half a world apart. How far does your brother live from you, if you don’t mind me asking? I think it’s awesome you have a sibling that you’re so close to. I wish I could say the same. My brother and I haven’t spoken for years.


    • He lives in London, so a long way. He’s my twin so even when we are apart, we aren’t really if that makes sense. This is the first time I have seen him in 10 years, but we have spoken on the phone and emailed. I am sorry you are not close but it doesn’t have to be family, it can be a friend who has that place. He is the only family I am in contact with, and I his. Sometimes family isn’t the best thing.


    • You are so right. The only family I really have is my daughter and my son in law. The few really close friends I have, they are my family. They were the ones that were there when everything happened. Took turns babysitting in the ICU on overnight duty, etc. I couldn’t ask for a better family. It’s not always about the blood. I’ve seen feuds with some friends’ families over the most nonsensical things you can imagine. Plus now I have my little wordpress family. Life is good. 🙂


  3. Hey Karen! Lol, feeling a whole lot better today, thanks. As long as I don’t have to undergo any repeats of yesterday’s alarm malfunctions, I’ll be good! As for my roommate, she apologized. It is what it is. It’s all good. I’m back to my normal wise-cracking self. Thanks hon! 😀 Did you put my stories up yet???? LOL


  4. Oh dear, poor you! Last thing your friend needed to do to you after you got such a fright. I hope she thinks back over her words and apologises. Glad your feeling better now – hope having a little vent on your blog helped! xx


  5. You poor baby! What on earth was the EMS dispatcher thinking? And she does what for a living? REALLY? Always remember that you have angles looking after you, and that you are loved.


    • This was my own roommate Marilyn; she’s an EMS dispatcher. Lol. That’s how we met and became roommates.Most of my friends are EMS/Police/Fire. I’ve got to expand my circle a little bit. My other friend Mel, that came yesterday, is also EMS. She used to be one of my semi-regular partners. I don’t know. I guess my roommate figured, I’m not calling 911, I don’t count. Hahaha. I gotta laugh now. By tomorrow or so, I’ll be cracking jokes about it. Maybe. 🙂 I know I’m loved; especially by my very first tweep/mentor/online friend. {{{hugs}}}


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