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I’m still sooooo confused!

I’ve been on WordPress since February, trying to maneuver my way around the site and get my blog up and running. Unfortunately, I keep running into these little obstacles that are making want to throw my hands up in despair and defeat….

But I am refusing to do that. It can’t be me; right? It’s gotta be my Kindle. I love my Kindle and all, but who actually sets up a website or a blog on anything other than a true laptop/desktop computer? Right?

Well, anyway, I’m going to continue to poke and prod and READ, but anyone out there passes by and notices me, :D, I made a seperate WELCOME page and now she is lost in oblivion, (unless, of course, I suddenly find her after purchase of said New computer next week or so).

Thank you for listening to my little plea; will dabble a bit more. Then, my friends, it will be off to some more writing.

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