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Digging in my heels…

I’ve been spending the past two weeks or so familiarizing myself with the wonderful world of Twitter; and ‘tweeting’ with some really amazing people. The encouragement and friendliness of those I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with has strengthened my resolve even further to get on the ball and continue to finish my stories. It’s good to know that I’ve come close to accomplishing one of my many goals; and that is to build a presence, however small, in the Twitterverse. I believe I now have ten followers! Next on my agenda, in between story writing, of course, is to finish setting up a decent Facebook page.

As always, any advice or recommendations on helping me work through my WordPress functions, would be forever appreciated. ( I am currently at the mercy of my Kindle only, since my beloved computer took her last breath two weeks ago).   I will be getting a replacement of my baby within the next two weeks. Any suggestions on a good laptop? I may love writing, but technology has never been my forte…

One thought on “Digging in my heels…

  1. I just want to say thank you to those who took the time to visit and ‘like’ my new space on the web. It’s not much right now, I know, but if you check in with me every so often, I’m sure you will see major improvements over time! Thank you again, so much.


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